I find words difficult

Check your spelling and grammar

Use your word document editor to check the thesaurus feature.

How to make your computer speak text aloud

You can make your computer talk in a number of ways, which can be a valuable facility for people who have difficulties with reading, for someone who can’t see very well or at all, and for those who need to give their eyes a rest.

How to make your text larger

You can make the text on your computer easier to see and read in a number of ways.

- Make the text larger on your computer

Change the settings in your operating system to make the text easier to see every time you use your computer.

- Make the text larger in your browser

Increase the text size in web browsers such as Internet Explorer or Firefox temporarily, or for every time you surf the internet.

- Make the text larger in applications

Make the text bigger in applications such as Microsoft Word, OpenOffice.org Writer or Adobe Reader.